Vidyakunj High School

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Rules & Regulations

  1. The use of any kind of fancy stationery items, mobiles, jewellery by the students are not allowed in the school.
  2. Birthday celebration is strictly restricted to the distribution of pencils or ball pens.
  3. There shall be no discussion with regards to School time, fees, and syllabus at any time in future. 
  4. School fees may be required to be revised from time to time as per instruction from the Governing Committee.
  5. Students are strictly disallowed to have tattoos, mehendi, hair colour, nail polish and ornaments etc. in school.
  6. Boys should keep hair short and clean. Girls should tie two plaits and oil it regularly.
  7. Don’t damage school property, whether in the classroom or school premises.
  8. No entry will be permitted for the students as soon as morning prayer is on.
  9. Parents / Guardians are requested to check from time to time the diary, notebooks, and Vidyasarathi workbooks.
  10. Parents cannot meet the teachers directly without the consent of the Head Teacher. 
  11. Parents can meet the Head teacher for their queries on every Friday between 9.00 am to 11.00 am.
  12. A written leave application for more than two days should be sanctioned by the Head teacher in advance.