Vidyakunj High School

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About Us

In the year 1968-1969 a some young and enthusiastic Jaycees from Navsari Junior Chamber got together in Navsari. Their mission was to establish an English Medium School, imparting quality education from Pre-Primary to High school based on Indian Culture. The initiative was taken by Mrs. Meeraben J. Desai, Dr. Manharbhai I. Shah, Mr. Jal Baria, Mr. Bharat Gandhi and Jaycees Team of 1968-1969.

In the beginning they collected Rs.1000/- each from around 40 Jaycees Members and the school started functioning in rented premises at Gandevi Road, Navsari. Being impressed by the performance of the Jaycees Leadership, leading personalities like Sheth Shri Hasmukhbhai R. Shah, Shri Naranjibhai Desai, Shri Dhirubhai Naik, Shri Ukabhai Patel and Shri Rambhai Patel of Kachhiyawadi, also helped to build this institution during the initial formative years of our school. Thereafter, the cash donations and donation in the form of Land and building started pouring in. Prominent among the donors were Shri Ukabhai Patel and Shri Rambhai Patel who donated around 1.75 Lakh sqare feet land on Gandevi Road, Navsari. The family members of well-known social worker Shri Hargovan Kaka Rathod also donated a substantial amount as donation for the school building of Pre-Primary Section & Primary Section.

HISTORY Vidyakunj English Medium School was established in 1969 and got registered in 1970. There was a long felt need for such a school as would need the hunger for learning in the area and that too at affordable fees. Vidyakunj was established with the noble cause to maintain Indian culture through value based education. The same noble cause is seen being served by the school even today after more than 45 years of its establishment. The school can boast of being one of the leading school of Gujarat.

The school students remained at the top in public exams in subjects like Mathematics, Commercial Maths, Statistics, Economics, Gujarati etc. Even in the Co-curricular activities the school students remain at the top in the events like Essay Writing, Elocution etc. The school team remain champion at state level in Garba Competition also. In Quiz Competition on number of occasions the students brought glory to school by remaining at the top in many inter school Quiz competition. Many times students nominated in National Science Congress at National Level.

Many of our students are successful professionals. Vidyakunj school has gifted many Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Managers, Architects, Professors, Lawyers, Businessman etc… to the society.